PRACTICAL TRAVELER; Getting Home A Hotel Room

imagesPHILIP GREENBERG, the travel manager for the ”Today” show, faced the challenging task of building a brand new residence after his L A home was flattened by an earthquake 10 years ago. Nevertheless , while his architect asked him to explain an ideal encompassing, Mr. Greenberg, who sees dozens of hotels a year, had the truth. Practically every thing he enjoyed, to pools from couches to shower-heads, praised from hotels. Outfitting his new home proved easy with that understood. ” for sale, virtually every thing you see at hotels is With hardly any exceptions,” he mentioned.

Today Mr. Greenberg estimates each chamber in his home features 17 to 20 items bought possibly from hotels or their providers. Consider the bathroom. The 10-inch-round shower head came in the Savoy. The Peninsula in Hong Kong furnished the tub that was big. The tiles are in the Four Seasons Maui. And the bathroom with the heated seat and built in bidet? Regular problem in the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

For years, high-end resorts have gently created much of their items on sale to invitees who wished to take home maybe not merely a bathrobe but desk seat or a silver tea service — legally, that’s.

Yet the last couple of years have seen a small scale revolution in resort retailing. But standard things, including mattresses, pillows, linens and duvets, have become widely accessible from quality resorts all over the world. And a growing amount of accommodation establishments, looking beyond fundamental room accouterments and memento umbrellas, are trying to sell what Ross Klein, chief marketing officer for W Hotels, calls ”iconic merchandise that reflects the resort’s entire life style,” like evening bags, costume jewelry as well as lingerie, with not a logo in sight.

An ever-increasing amount of hotels provide hyperlinks to revenue operations on their internet sites, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, which offers the hotel’s jaunty pink and green hatboxes ($20), jig saw puzzles ($25) and Sealy beds ($1,599 for a queen) online.

A few have gone a step further, supplementing Net site purchasing with glossy catalogs and toll-free numbers for orders.

Shopping at the Ritz

Ritz-Carlton, (800) 222-6527 , as well as the Waldorf Astoria, (800) 274-1006, have catalogs and websites with a more extensive variety of merchandise and gift cartons. In addition to the hotel’s signature cobalt goblets ($15 each), Ritz-Carlton offers such things as assorted bedclothes ($260 to get a queen Frette level sheet). One of the offers in the Waldorf’s catalog and internet site are four steak knives using the resort’s bull and bear crest ($90), a silver plated tissue-box cover ($30) and 18-karat gold bull and bear cuff links ($1,300).

Few hotels have embraced retailing as enthusiastically as the W chain, (800) 453-6548, which has a catalog and an extensive Web site with periodic selling items and free gift wrapping at holidays. When the W Ny opened, Mr. Klein stated, ”invitees kept stating, ‘I need the vase by my desk,’ or ‘I genuinely enjoyed the sheets,’ so selling was a natural development.”

Lodgers have reconsidered the classic resort store, enlarging way beyond stuff. In an effort to bring local buyers, the new 1,300-square foot shop at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach Hotel is accessible from Collins Avenue, and the ethereal shop the W New York at 49th features an Avenue Street and Lexington doorway from the road. ”We have edited the items of our stores to reveal their towns, therefore in Mexico Town nearby craft folks are displayed, the Seoul store is device focused, and Chicago, which is in a business district, stocks lots of off-ice equipment,” Mr. Klein said.

Shop Revenue Differ

Catalog revenue are not same from store revenue, said Megan Weber, corporate retail purchaser for Ritz Carlton. ” We market glassware, robes and more bedclothes online, and things with more of a boutique sense in whim jewelry, purses that were like, the shops and Girl Lanelle gem studded flip-flops,” she stated.

Selling makes good sense for upscale resorts, if done with restraint and good taste, stated Rich Clean, dean of the Hospitality School at Johnson & Wales College in Providence, R.I. ”It Is like hitting a twice: you expand the brand and get extra earnings,” he said.

Hoteliers think theirs is an ideal environment to coax revenue. ” You are sitting in the lap of luxury and you are really more comfortable with a 15 – Park Method and feet roof opinions, and you desire to just take a little piece of that house in bed.”

Going is viewed by many mainly in order to help promote their business name, though the hotels undoubtedly need to turn a profit. ”What I hope is someone will see our gold tissue-box cover or lead crystal soap dish in someone else’s guest bathroom and think, ‘I desire to stay there when I move to New York,”’ Mr. Blauvelt said.

downloadToward that end, the resorts have designed brochures and their websites with attention. The Waldorf punctuates Web site and its catalog with recipes for home specialties, like bread pudding and Waldorf salad. And every thing supplied from the W comes with a sassy explanation (the ice-bucket is a ”chill seeker”).

Souped-up hotel retailing is not sufficiently old that marketers are still experimenting. The W uncovered sales are fastest when several things that were similar are arranged together. ”When we sold just one item for kids, it did not move,” Mr. Klein stated. ” But when we began providing several products, like games and playthings that were plush, issues offered.”

” We need more issues friends would not automatically expect from a resort, like wear and excellent handbags.”

Really, these days few resorts are protected to the temptations of retailing. Although it’s merely 30 rooms, the trendy Hotel Gault in Montreal has sold bedclothes and other room accouterments because it opened in 2002. The showpiece is a mohair blanket created in Quebec ($309, at $1.35 in Canadian currency to the Dollar), as well as the resort intends to market works by artists from Quebec as well as other areas of Canada. ” it becomes a sort of ambassador for the location If you dwell from the hotel with some thing,” said Mariette Parent, basic associate manager of the resort. ” And you are going to want to come back.”


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